Beneath the Veil


How do I begin to explain why I would want to cover my face, when some people don’t even come to grasps with women choosing to cover their hair!  But I’ll give it a bash.

I remember when I lived in London, my neighbour and I would often pop over to each others and have a cuppa.  She said, ‘I don’t understand, you’re not fat you’re not ugly, so why do you hide under all of that why?’.  I then said to her, ‘ok Marlena, I don’t understand why every morning you wake up, do your hair, put make up on and wear your finest clothes, just to walk your children to school everyday, and now its late in the evening and you’re sitting on the sofa with your pyjamas on, no make up and hair undone and your husband will be here in approximatley 30 minutes, who do you love more, the people or your husband?’

She knew immediatley what I was implying, and that the effort should be made for her husband and not for the public to say wow don’t she look great. 

Now when I had this convo, I was infact very single, so it baffled her even more as she questioned how I would find someone to marry if no one could see me.  The answer to that question is in another blog lol, but the short of it is… Allah commands good for his servants, and Allah SWT has commanded the woman to dress modestly so that she be known as a Muslim and to protect her honour.

I’ve seen on so many occasions a woman dressed half naked with her boyfriend, and he has his chest high like look at what I have. 

If a woman chooses to place high regard to her appearance then I can only advise her that she is setting herself up for a big fall.  A man should marry you not soley cause you excite him but because you are an intelligent and loving woman who will one day raise his children and that is priceless. 

Women are living in times where you must look like a barbie doll in order to be considered beautiful.  Fake hair, fake lashes, fake tan, fake nails and I haven’t even started to discuss the cosmetic surgery side of things.  My point is, western society puts the western woman under tremendous pressure to attain a superwoman status.  In islam it is simple, the man goes out to work and the woman stays at home to raise the children and keep the house looking wonderful, and if SHE wishes she may get educated and work, HER CHOICE!

So ultimatley what i’m saying is the veil for me was about having the opportunity to gain extra reward in the way I dressed.  Just like you can get extra reward for praying more, fasting more, giving more charity and any other additional acts of worship




About iamshalina Shalina Litt was in the music business from the age of 15 years old and it wasn't until around 2006 that life took a big turn for her. She graduated with a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies eager to do right by my son. Around 2006 she embraced Islam and took on a calmer lifestyle getting married and focusing on being a mother alongside a business woman. Her marriage dissolved due to domestic Violence in 2009 and she retook a different path learning how to rebuild my self esteem and confidence. This journey allowed Shalina to share her growth via blogs and vlogs building a large following around the topic of abuse. Around 2011 her career as a Radio Presenter at Unity FM began. As her confidence grew, she decided to speak out in international media defending the rights of Women and Hijab. This lead her to successfully be present in Media covering newspaper, TV, Radio and Magazines in addition to have been in a successful documentary done about 6 Muslim women from around the world by a TV Production Team (NRL) from the Netherlands. This public platform allowed her to be vocal about various heart felt topics through Social media and other broadcasting opportunities. As a result Shalina now coaches women around the topic of Abuse Resolution. She continues to appear in mainstream media discussing various topics around Islam and women. She also runs her own business providing Inclusive Islamic Education for SEND Children. She is currently recording an album and writing a book, both due to be released in 2017 God Willing. For more details or to contact Shalina Litt email

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