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The Madrasah Crisis


After 2 years of running my own madrasah Masha Allah and attending Madrasah’s as a child i’ve come to question the purpose and affectiveness of the Madrasah?  It would seem millions partake in what has almost become a habitual or cultural habit of sending their child to Madrasah, but do we not have to stop and question what we aim to gain or benefit from this?

I understand the objective of sending children to a Madrasah is to not only teach our children how to read the glorious and noble Quraan, but also to contemplate how we should digest and implement the practices of Quraan and Sunnah.

The other day whilst in the company of my son and his friend who are both 10 years and above, I reminded my son that prayer time was upon us.  Therefore I instructed him to go and perform his Salaat.  His friend who is 11 years old and raised in a Muslim family did not react to this instruction.  I was familliar with the friend and new of him to be well mannered and recalled his eagerness to pray on time in the month of Ramadan. 

Knowing this I questioned his resillience to go and pray, and was intrigued to hear his response.  He told me, ‘My mom sent me to madrasah to read Quraan, but I really don’t see the point in learning how to read something I don’t understand’!  He then added, ‘It would appear my family place a greater importance on me completing and memorising the Quraan then adhereing to my 5 daily prayers, and it has been so long since I prayed, I think i’ve forgotten how’.

This response saddened me as I realised he is one of many children who are not taught the true essence of Islam.  Quite often when I ask children what I consider to be fundamental questions about Islam, they do not know the answers. For eg:

  • Who is Allah?
  • Who is Prophet Muhammed (SAW)?
  • What is a Muslim?
  • What is Islam?

Quite often children do not know the answers to these questions, and further still, crime statistics confirm that young people who were raised in ‘Muslim’ famillies go on to indulge in Free Mixing, drugs and listening to highly inappropriate music which acts as a demonstration of the inaffectiveness of many who attended Madrasahs.

As parents I believe we must encourage our Madrasahs to conduct Tarabiyah and teachings that assist young Muslims on how to behave in a society that finds them contending with many identities such as, ‘Being British, Muslim or holding dear to their ethnic minority cultural practices’.

The true understanding of Islam is now contending with the cultural understanding of Islam which can be a harm if not managed correctly. 

May Allah aid our Madrasah’s to adapt their style of teachings to capture a generation of young Muslims and prepare them with the correct naseehah (advice) that prepares them for this life. Ameen


The purpose of Education, keep hold of your child.


What is the purpose of your child attending school?  To be educated of course you think.  But are you really aware of the hidden implications lurking amongst the experience of sending your child to school.

At university we were taught about the ‘Hidden curriculum’, a set of attitudes and beliefs that your child also attains whilst in the school environment.  So bearing this in mind, what are the dominant factors one should consider when sending a child to school.

I believe you have to define what is the purpose of education, as in the handbook for the national curriculum it states,

      ‘Education influences and reflects the values of society,

        and the kind of society we want to be’.

Very powerful when you pause and realise what possibilities come out of this type of agenda.

A parent who is spiritually connected and aware of their purpose in life would be careful not to place their child in an environment that will not only hijack their self work but re-establish their beliefs and attitudes about the purpose of life.

So when choosing a school look at the following to ensure your child is protected from such an awful ending:

1) Look at the social demographics

2) School management

3) The grades

4) Be ready to invest a little time out of everyday to learn about for needs to be re learnt when your child’s schema of thinking is growing and developing as to how they see and understand the world.

And lastly, be prepared for your child’s intelligence to excel yours, we are raising them to do even better than we did.  Therefore we should not belittle their speech or inquisitiveness to seek the truth, because they are a lot closer to it than we are.

The Devil is so good at decieving, you’ve decieved yourself.


Have you ever met someone who is so righteous and pious in their talk, but when put to the test, their character miserably fails to uphold all the talk.  And then when you challenge them they got answers for EVERYTHING!

I’m motivated to write this blog after meeting time and time again the type of people who are clearly decieved as to who they truly are.  I mean a hyprocrite has been defined as one who lies a lot or can’t keep promises in Islam.  Something as simple as not being able to keep an appointment means you have to check yourself. 

If all of a sudden everyone around you keeps telling you the same thing, like the following:

‘You’ve let me down again’

‘When are you going to give me that money’

‘You are so selfish’

‘All you do is use people’

You got do one of two things, look at the people who are saying this, or check yourself.  People’s reactions around us usually reflect our own making of a situation.  Meaning if you’re surrounded by people who got love for you, you’re doing something right. However if you are surrounded by a bunch of people who fume at you’re mistakes or every move, then you gotta acknowledge who is the problem, THEM OR YOU?

Now as we know the devil is the deciever we must also realise that we ain’t going to be able to identify his whispers, but the big clue is this.  When we act, it is usually good or bad. 

For example I was in Asda at the self check out.  As I approached my terminal I noticed £30 had not been collected.  I put it in my pocket with an intention of handing it to the cashier or being patient enough to see if the owner came to claim it.  Sure enough they did, and the moment of handing the money to the lady was very rewarding. At the time I bearly had money to shop and although I knew what I was going to do the devil came along with the justifcations as to why I could take the money.

May Allah aid us to distinguish right from wrong and protect us from the fire. Ameen


Advice to a daughter, crash course soloution?!


Just got back from Craig Pinkney’s showing of ‘Advice to a daughter’, excellent event as it really highlighted the problems young girls often face like domestic violence, early pregnancies and sexual abuse.

So what is the answer? My crash course to finding the soloution (just my opinon)

1) Get to know them (the young person), what do they get emotional gratification out of in order to fill the emotional void caused usually by some form of abuse that has damaged their self worth from an early childhood experience!

2) Once you’ve identified what their fix is, for example smoking weed, start their emotional fitness training. You can’t just say stop smoking and start loving yourself. Both courses of action take time and endurance which is what we need to support them through the process of loving themselves to make the right choices.

3) Educate them on how they can retrain themselves to rebuild their self belief and self worth. Now in order to determine what is the most affective cause of action we have to replicate a healthy connection that can rewrite their attitudes and beliefs.

4) Emotional gratification can be found in many things, smoking, drinking, clubbing, music, fitness, self harming and the list goes on. Some are temporary, and some are only fueled by negative messages that speak to the sub consciounce and govern how they cope and behave in everyday situations. Some need to be replaced completely like smoking, but some just need to be altered so the benfits are clear to see.

My final point is some professionals will go to work and be the inspiring role models young people need to change their lifestyles. However these same role models may have their own emotional fitness training to address and often indulge in the temporary gratifications that they advice others to stay away from like smoking weed. Therefore it is dangerous to advice anyone to become dependant on something or one that may only leave them in the same place they started once absent. It is therefore imperitive that we develop young people to find emotional gratification that can only encourage them to become stronger from within. Ultimatley how much we love ourselves is reflected in the choices we make. We have to find a way to help young people reconnect with themselves and find emotional gratification from doing so.

My journey through life is what has given me the ability to decipher life and determine and assess how i’ll make the right choices for myself. Everyday I endure what is necessary to achieve what benefits myself and my family. But in order to get to this place I had to learn what I was contending with. Many successful organisations make it their business to know you better than you know yourself. The only thing they often gain is your desire to give them every last penny you have, including your soul should you choose to offer or comply with the many delights of this world. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, so go get it and use it to make informed choices and not just choices.

Here is the trailer

Contact Craig Pinkney for more info by emailing;

Snoop Doggy Doggy Reading the Quran, and your point is?


So there it was, a photo of Snoop Doggy Dog reading the Quran. I remember when he came to Birmingham, I had the opportunity of meeting him and the Dog Pound. We often think we know them because of what the media ALLOWS us to see. But we really don’t! And accounts like Napoleon and other artists who abondon music for Islam will tell you that most artists are not as shallow as you think, which means one of two things. They mislead knowingly or without knowledge of what they are part of.

Snoop has been a member of Nation of Islam for a while, and I know having had quite deep debates with him and the Dogg Pound that most of them are quite deep thinkers. But what I question is why would someone else’s spiritual journey get so much attention? Is not because we love him more than we know.

In a video ‘murder was the case’ many have suggested that Snoop engaged in selling his soul, but we do not see people sharing these kinds of posts. My point is, be careful who you invest your time and love in. Just because someone enters Islam should not govern or alter our conviction to practise the truth

Here are the lyrics from ‘Murder was the case’, you decide?

‘As I look up at the sky
My mind starts trippin, a tear drops my eye
My body temperature falls
I’m shakin and they breakin tryin to save the Dogg
Pumpin on my chest and I’m screamin
I stop breathin, damn I see deamons
Dear God, I wonder can ya save me
I can’t die Boo-Boo’s bout to have my baby
I think it’s too late for prayin, hold up
A voice spoke to me and it slowly started sayin
“Bring your lifestyle to me I’ll make it better”
How long will I live?
“Eternal life and forever”
And will I be, the G that I was?
“I’ll make your life better than you can imagine or even dreamed of
So relax your soul, let me take control
Close your eyes my son”
My eyes are closed’

Jimmy Saville, R Kelly, Micheal Jackson and abusing children


What do Jimmy Saville, Micheal Jackson and R Kelly all have in common?  They all were put under serious allegations of sexual child abuse.  And all of these men were loved by the public. 

It was sad to see people question or defend whether these individuals were right or wrong.  Which made me realise the power of LOVE.  Now back in the day I loved R Kelly and his music, so when I heard about his behaviour I found myself making excuses like…

It can’t be true

the video was fake

But eventually I made up my mind, and I distanced myself from his Music.  And then there was Micheal Jackson.  I didn’t realise how much I loved this man.  But this love was certainly tested when claim after claim started to be revealed about what he did with kids.  I was dissapointed and confused.

Jimmy Saville, now I remember wanting to write a letter (Don’t Laugh) at the thought of going on ‘Jim will fix it’.  He was the man back in the day, sitting their all ganster with his chain and cigar.  He was the one you wrote to, to make your dreams come true.  He won the nations hearts and so much so that for years a secret that he was becoming lazy in hiding soon became front page news. 

I see young girls and Rihanna, dressing like her, having their hair like her and… simply holding on to her words and actions as their salvation.  So when she decided to walk away from an abusive relationship we all aplauded.  However when she decided to avoid confronting her emotional attachment issues and go back to her potential possibility of being abused again, the public remained silent.  We ignored the fact that many young girls would shrug their shoulders like she did and put themselves at harm, like she did.

I was prompted to write this blog when I seen the verdict of the jimmy saville case and his quotes.  He was so sure of himself, and he talked as if he could get away with anything.  And he did for a long time.

May Allah aid us to be successful in protecting ourselves and our children from the evils of this world. Ameen

its not about the price tag! Or is it?


Every now and then my desire to listen to music will be tested with a song that escapes the barriers I’ve placed to ensure I do not become victim to the spell that is being cast,  But whilst roaming the supermarket i’ll come a cross a song that manages to break me down and I find my self humming a melody.

Jessie Jay’s Price Tag was one of them, and no sooner had I surcome to the melody I found myself unable to skip past this song whilst roaming through the radio waves. 

My point of today’s blog is the artist often tell us very clearly what their agenda is, but we have to pause and recognise. So I’ll leave you with this:

‘If it ain’t about the CH CHING CH CHING (money) or the BL BLING BL BLING (material things) whats it about?  Well Jessie say she just wants to make the world dance and for you to forget about what it costs (spiritually),

The word ‘Dance’ is defined as the following:

‘Move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps’

My over active thinking usually finds me demolishing a song unable to enjoy it in the end.  May Allah aid us to Remember him at all times Ameen