Its not what happened, its how you get through it!


Its not what happened, its how you get through it!

All too many times i’ve found myself exchanging my life story with others. In the beginning it was cause I needed help, and I thought just telling someone would solve my problems. Life soon taught me that was not going to happen.

I then tried to fix the problem myself, and in doing so I became people pleaser expert in a hope that by helping them and giving them what I wanted, I eventually would recieve the same. This didn’t happen.

Now this journey of self discoverey or what ever we are going to call it meant as time went on, I eventually became an expert at managing holistic well being. And in doing so here is what I learnt.

And that is, sharing my story was not important when it came to moments where someone wanted to tell me their sad expereinces or difficulties with me. What was important was listening to the person, and valuing those expereince. And here comes the most important part. Teaching them to stop seeking dependance from others. On this whole journey of self discoverey we have to get to a point where we acknowledge our own power, how we manage it.

If you give it all to one person, prepare to fail, however if you depend on nothing or no one except your Lord and Creator SWT you will then find your peace insha Allah


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