Walking away and Staying Away!


Walking away and Staying Away!

We enter this world fully stretched out and standing tall. And slowly expereince after experience our self image is chipped away at, programming our very essence. Before you know it, your ability to think and love for yourself dimenshes as you question what you can do to put it right. And that feeling of standing tall, curls up into a tiny ball.

You can never put an age to this process, for some it may be in adulthood, and for others in their early childhood experiences. And if you are very fortunate you may never see this day.

It is a time when you totally surrender your love to the one you thought was supposed to look after you. But when that trust is abused, you are left totally disabled while you figure out how to remove yourself from this vortex of despair.

Freeing yourself, takes a lot of courage, and the stronger you get, it seems the stronger your abuser fights to get you back where it is comfortable for them, to have you belong.

The picture in this blog, may give you the thoughts of a man, abusing a woman, but this is not always the case. This picture represents the many women I speak to on a daily basis who have been left in circumstance by family and loved ones.

Walking away means you have accepted that you deserve better, but staying away can only be done when you love yourself enough to say I will never knowingly put myself in that position again. And I say knowingly because it is not always apparent who will abuse your love.

Finally, do not have a hand in this abuse, because once you acknowledge what is happending you have to love yourself enough to walk away and stay away, I did!


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  1. Good strong post. Personal experience is felt in your writing, along with triumph!! Mental abuse can sometimes hurt more than phyisical, and certainly lasts longer. Regardless of gender, it’s a good read. My question:- how long do you stay in that relationship? Thanks Gulrez

    • How long you stay in that relationship really depends on many different things. For example, as a child acknowledging abuse and walking away isn’t so simple. As an adult you may be contending with outside and self deterring influences that you must explore and develop before making that choice. I pray I can gently deliver posts that answer the many faces of this heart felt topic insha Allah

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