I loved myself and then I cried


I loved myself and then I cried

Some people knew and some people didn’t know about the abuse I suffered in my past. But what I knew, is something had to change dramatically.

Interestingly enough, many times I would relate my story, and people would gasp, some would be brought to tears, but my heart remained numb. I could hear myself but never could I relate to the pain of the story.

It took approximatley 1 year before my journey to start loving myself began. I had questions, and many questions. These led me to face the answers head on. I had to accept the people or factors that had contributed to my demise.

I slowly started to retreat, cut people off and accept who was truly good for me. But the greatest momement on this journey and most painful, even more painful than all of the abuse i’d suffered was when I realised I loved myself.

As it had been a while since I related the story I hadn’t had the opportunity to know what was about to happen. Right there as I told my story to someone who was seeking advice via the internet, I connected with myself, I realised this had happened to me! And for the first time in all of my life I cried, and cried and cried.


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