Never judge a Muslimah by her veil!


Never judge a Muslimah by her veil!

Why oh why do people feel the need to impose their views in a manner that leaves another feeling sad. You have the group of people who look on the veiled woman in disgust. Then there is the group of people who think the woman covered from head to toe is a saint.

Truth is the way we dress no longer reflects our level of faith or devotion to God. Because unfortunatley culture has played a substantial part in affecting the way one is dressed.

I think this picture is a great example of what i’m trying to say, as it reflects what people would see as balanced verses extreme.

Hijaab is a set of conditions, and to my knowledge the basics are:
1) To show a minimum of hands and Face
2) Not to show the shape of your body
3) To wear a material that is not too thin or see through
4) Not to resemble the opposite sex
5) Not to resemble the dressing of the disbelievers
6) Not to stand out with reference to colours

I’m sure there is one more? Anyway according to the above conditions, I just felt the need to raise this is people all too often hold high importance to the way a woman is dressed. I personally think what is most important is the woman’s understanding of Tawheed (The oneness of God)


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