Why the one who helps you cannot help themself?


Why the one who helps you cannot help themself?

My journey to help others came purely out of my joy of seeing them find ways of attaining a greater peace within themselves. But behind closed doors my own struggles were what gave me the ability to answer their problems.

It feels like I’ve had a life time of trying to find my feet, and I never could quite catch contentment although I seen it flutter before me like a a butterfly.

I realize now that my pain has a purpose, and that is to help people move into the next realm of existence, and that thought in itself gives me my contentment.

However my quest for success continues as i’m thrown trial after trial which leaves me in a pose of contemplation, figuring out how I will find the way out of the despair that overcomes me in these difficult times.

I’ve met some amazing people who have listened to me. But I have yet to come across those that truly understand me, that can give me that key to spritual enlightenment which is all I seek.

In the meantime when someone makes dua for me, I secretly scream Ameen waiting for a sprinkle of happiness that comes to me through life.

Although amazingly hard, being a single mom has to be one of the toughest but most rewarding expereinces of all. My children only have to smile and throw me a big hug and my quest is complete, until the next time…


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