The £100 Face!


The £100 Face!

Did I really just spend £100 on 4 products! Does the price or brand of make up really make a difference to how you look?

My new journey of increasing my self worth found me at my favourite make up stand. Why not just start wearing the make up I wore when I looked fabulous I thought. Bear in mind, this was approximatley 10 years ago.

Today was a groundbreaking moment, as rather than choose to buy pyjamas for my son, I chose to go MAKE-UP shopping.

I walked up to the assistant and she gave me what I needed and off I headed to the till. It was only until I got to the till with my items that I nearly had heart failure when she mentioned the price.

Back at home I put my make-up on and was more than happy with the results. I looked younger and appeared to have clear healthy looking skin.

Is this right, I began to wonder? Am I decieving myself and those around me by putting this make-up on. Or is it a joy waiting to be visited and shared as I begin my art of applying make-up and transforming my tired pale face into THE HUNDRED DOLLAR FACE!


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