Loving you is Loving me!


Loving you is Loving me!

Now previously in love, I thought the notion of loving someone more than you did yourself was so romantic. Years later I now think it is like sitting on a train track.

Bruno Mars wrote a song about it, ‘I would catch a grenade for you’, and people loved it, but why? Truth is that when you catch a glimpse of this type of love, we will often sit back in admiration at the couple that dwells in it. But behind the scenes someone is usually a silent casualty.

I know because I’ve been there, and loving someone so much that you are disabled from loving yourself can be a scary experience when the time comes for you to set yourself free.

People wish to leave a relationship for many reasons, but quite often when their devotion of love is unappreciated or not returned, one begins to feels the consequences of this type of love.

Therefore I say loving should be an art, and if you are in a situation where you love your spouse more than you love yourself, then you need to step back and see the bigger picture. Because all to often when we are free to do this, we realize we’ve created a moment in time that never truly belonged to us, because we gave it all to someone who never valued our love in the first place.

So invest your love in the best place possible you and your Lord.


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  1. I enjoy reading your posts! They always evoke a reaction, good or indifferent out of me. By the way, I would love to love someone that way, and ignore any warnings….I think most people would, regardless of outcome!

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