Let go, and if it remains it is yours


Let go, and if it remains it is yours

Whilst jogging in the park this morning I had one of those epiphanies. I realised that ‘Letting go’ did not mean that you would lose what it is you want to keep hold of. Rather you’ll discover if it has a part in your destiny.

Now this could apply to anything really, but for me I realised it was about people. You see there are some people we hold on to because we love them. And this attachment can sometimes do more harm than good for us because of the emotional baggage that comes with it.

So on my journey of self-discovery I realised there were a lot of people I needed to ‘Let go of’. And out of this I’ve learnt 2 lessons.
1) Letting go gives you an opportunity to love unconditionally. Because sometimes loving someone means letting them go. If they remain, then you know it’s because they choose to which is truly a blessing to acknowledge and embrace when this happens.
2) There are some people we hold on to because we feel we have to! And it is only until we unload these types of people that we discover an ugly truth. That they couldn’t care less if you were holding them or not, but in the presence of your company all they do is suck you dry every ounce of love you could give. This is while you continued giving hoping that your commitment would aid them to change.

Letting go is about standing back and observing who you have around you. I believe we are all just souls on a journey, and loving is not about placing conditions on someone else. Rather it is about being ready to understand who they are, and giving them enough space to grow and not be suffocated by your beliefs of who they should be all in the name of Love!


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