“Miss, how come you can speak English?”


When I first heard this statement my heart dropped, this little boy had been around me for about a week now. Only 7 years old, and already his ideas were being strongly shaped. I replied, “Because I was born in this country too, just like you”.

Within a couple of weeks the curiosity amongst the children continued to grow, and the questions accumulated: What is that on your head? Are you from India?

I continued to work at the school answering the children’s questions as respectively as I could, because you can’t get mad at the children.

The association of a women covering their hair and being from another country is heavily formulated from media and parental points of view embedded upon one another.

Therefore I can only respond by providing these children with the healthy answers they need to dispel these misconceptions.

I realised that people are scared to ask a lot of questions, and where ever I go I must be prepared to welcome those who wish to understand Islam. Because out there is an ocean of different interpretations about Islam which have become immersed amongst cultural understanding of Islam rather than a true understanding of Islam. And what I mean by this is if you asked me why I cover my hair, I could give you a confident answer. Unlike the young girl who wears a scarf because she’s told to!


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