My pain has a purpose


My pain has a purpose

Someone asked me once, “What do you get out of writing your blogs”. And to be honest, at first I really didn’t start blogging to get attention, I just felt good creating what I considered to be a healthy outlet for my thoughts.

As blogs went by, my confidence to unveil my inner thoughts began to increase as I realized that people connected with my spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Not too long ago, I surrounded myself with people who never once praised me for what I did. This behaviour from people I desperately wanted approval from, forced me to push myself beyond common expectations, just to get a reaction.

A transition began when I started radio presenting, and that coupled with the blogging revealed to me a truth I still struggle to accept. And that is, I’m good at what I do because I can relate to people’s pain.

Years of abuse have prepared me to be the kind of person that can see the fake smile from a mile off. As a good friend of mine said, you can’t help others till you’ve helped yourself.

So after abandoning most of the emotional dependencies one finds to silence the cries from within. I have braved what I as a travelling soul needed to face. And as a result I can begin to share how I released myself with the Aid of Allah SWT from the chains of oppression which we find ourselves in once the veil of darkness has been lifted.

And the most beautiful part about it all is my own sigh of gratification to my Lord. That my pain had a purpose, a purpose to inspire others towards spiritual healing In sha Allah (God Willing).


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  1. And its the rightfull purpose which is appreciated even though some can’t admit it, YOUR voice is heard Ukhti as guidance, comfort, and showing that Life must go on.. No matter what as long as We realize our very own purpose to exist, and follow the guidance of Qur’an and Sunnah… Jazak’Allah Kheir.

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