This orb of emotion


This orb of emotion

As I put down the phone, I feel the orb of emotion swirling in the centre of my chest, waiting to be dispersed. Never would I ever have imagined that I would get to a point where I could decide how I would let this energy travel.

Emotion means energy in emotion and often leads to Love, Hate, Anger, Sadness and the list goes on.

Now most people, rather than observing their state of emotions rush to something that gives them temporary emotional gratification, diverting the destination of the emotion to a state of intoxication or bliss which they receive through different ways.

For some it’s smoking, drinking, shopping, eating, having sex or going to the gym. But what is really needed is to find a way of directing our energy to an outlet that enables us to restore equilibrium once our waters having being disturbed.

As I finish writing this blog, this orb of energy has become less intense but still very much present. So I’m off to have a good cry, forgive myself and continue with the day. Till the next storm!


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