Off with their Hijaabs!


Off with their Hijaabs!

With ‘Woolwich’ being front page news my heart became heavy as I knew that there would be repercussions.

The following day I took a deep breath and headed out for another day. As to be expected, many people in their cars wouldn’t give me way, and eyes glared at me in anger and disgust.

Later I went shopping and was met with those who went out of their way to give me the biggest smile ever which was well needed.

I got home relieved the day was over but still my heart was heavy. I was disgraced to hear about the behaviour of 2 individuals who called themselves Muslims. ‘Not in the name of Islam’, that is all I kept saying as nothing justified what they did in Islam.

The next day as I got ready I looked out of my window, only to gasp at the sight of one of my neighbours who had removed her head scarf.

I continued to get ready and headed for work. As I hit the dual carriage way I looked in my mirror only to see a white transit van coming up close and fast to me. I indicated left to come out of the lane only to be blocked by another transit van. The men in the vans laughed. I accelerated and took the next available turning.

As I reached work I was shaken up. I’m a mother and someone who is loving and promotes well being among all of humanity. It is a shame that these small minded people felt it was OK for them to treat me and other people, this way because of their ignorance or failure to acknowledge that we are all the same.

Despite my battles, I refuse to remove my headscarf as I fear NO ONE but Allah. If the way I was dressed was about the way people thought of course I would look very different. But no one knows their creation better than the creator; I therefore continue to strive, fulfilling the one that matters.

I am Muslim, I am British and I am a mother! Alhamdulilah Praise be to Allah


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