Make money, don’t let it make you!



As I take a little time out to do some computer work, my daughter climbs on my lap. I give her a cuddle and she reaches out for her bowl of grapes. I get it for her and then she hands me one. We smile at each other as we eat.

We often get bombarded with so many beliefs about what makes us happy and become confused. What I love about the gift of children is that opportunity to dance in the rays of unconditional love and be faced with the simply reminders of attaining happiness.

In light of all the drama in the media, part of me wanted to disappear into a hole where attitudes and beliefs have not being manipulated from their true form. It got me thinking where did it all go wrong?

We all bleed the same blood, and no life should be shown more value in the event of a death. But somehow the media have been given full consent to broadcast as they see fit, manipulating the masses to behave as they have predicted. It’s like a big social experiment unravels before our eyes and limitations are pushed. All of a sudden the news of a death reaches us with a label, beautiful, kind, great humanitarian, Christian, Soldier, child, elder, rich and we are forced to respond.

How I’d love to live in a village where trade was animals, or skill or belongings. I wonder who and when decided money would be a good idea. It seems money has over taken the qualities of mankind, like kindness, honesty and being charitable.

Today I’m pushed off my high horse lying on the floor wondering where my desire to live in this world will take me. A place where money has little value. I see people killing themselves unable to pay taxes, bills or provide food for their families. People giving all of their time on this earth to a job they hate. I pray that my own circumstances will not force me to wake up and make the same choices. I continue to hold on to my values and not let money make who I am, but rather I continue to earn money so I may spend it with my loved ones travelling through this land called earth.


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  1. Respectfully, this blog was all over the place! No underlining subject or any real point. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to feel or think afterwards. What exactly are you talking about? The picture in the blog was today very poor tast. Just my two cents.

    • ok I’ll take it as a compliment that you expect such high standards from me lol. I guess I’ve got many undertone’s running through today’s blog due to my personal frustrations. I blog as a hobby and not as a profession so my humble apologies if I did not meet your expectations. Till the next blog

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