The silence of the night


The silence of the night

The kids are in bed, the housework has been done, and now I turn to greet the silence. Never did I anticipate a time would come where with the silence of the night greeted me with a feeling of tranquillity.

During the past couple of years, time alone with my thoughts has been a battle. And I recall every night ending with my thoughts suffocating me with their pain and desperation to be heard.

The truth hurts, but it really will set you free. So my free writing began, and for the past year I would write down my thoughts, allowing myself to observe the child within scream that she was in pain.

Everyone’s story is different, and I’ve learnt that whether it is the neglect of a drunken mother, or the constant beatings from an ignorant father or the abuse of a family member, the emotional void that is created is undeniably the beginning of turmoil that will not be silenced until its injustice is heard.

My justice came with forgiveness!


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