Help me raise £2500 for Syria


Help me raise £2500 for Syria

If you wish to donate after reading this you can do it at

Yesterday I attended a Fund Raiser for Syria, and I never anticipated I’d walk out making a commitment to pledge £2,500. However after watching a short video I was very moved and felt I wanted to do something.

Initially I raised my hand to pledge £50 as we had been informed that £2500 would help provide 50 medical packs for the people in Syria. That meant saving up to 50 lives. At present there are stories of the people there been given cough medicine as a placebo, due to lack of medical aid.

The video I watched was disturbing and I recalled seeing up to 5 children covered in blood. The camera switched between children and the thought that crossed my mind was who you would treat first when all of them looked like they were in need of immediate medical attention. There was then a scene of a man embracing his dead daughter, only 2 years of age asking for just a couple more minutes to spend with her. And finally a boy aged 14 years old covered in blood crying, ‘please attend to my brother, he needs aid more than me’. By the end of this video everyone was in tears.

With so much bloodshed all over the world, one really doesn’t know where to start when trying to do your part in being part of a solution rather than the problem.

On reflection of what I raised my hand for, £2500 is well out of my means, and my small contribution of £50 was something I’d set aside for myself, to treat myself. But after learning about the reality of what is happening in Syria from RAHIM JUNG the presenter for Islam Channel, who gave us a first-hand account having travelled there, I have certainty that £100 isn’t enough.

So if you would like to aid me in raising this money please inbox me, or pay direct to Islamic Help the charity Fund-Raisers for this cause.


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