Mommies wave the white flag.


Mommies wave the white flag.

Quite often I’m asked by mothers how they can get back in control of raising their children. Now ten years ago I’d probably just tell them to ‘beat them’. However in today’s times it really isn’t the way.

In the past I caved in and gave my son the good old ‘bottom smack’, but all changed when I went to college.

There I learnt there are better ways to raise our children, and although beating a child gives you an immediate result, the damage goes undetected until later on in life.

It seems parents quite simply have been backed into a corner as their children are forced to grow up way to fast. And when parents try to enforce their rules in the household, they are met with statements such as, ‘I’ll call the police’, or the infamous CHILDLINE!

And it doesn’t help that our own parents breathe down our necks alongside in-laws dictating what we should and shouldn’t do with our children.

I love my blog picture because at times I feel the urge to wave the flag, and surrender to the responsibilities that pile up around me screaming their deadlines.

My best advice to my friends and foe is to not lose sight of what is important. Our children are growing up very fast, and although their demands fail to cease, there is no greater joy then to observe the hard work paying off when they come home with an A* or a card they made themselves saying ‘I love you and I care’.


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