Hollistic Success, unravel who you are.


Hollistic Success, unravel who you are.

Maybe it’s my age or maybe I just had enough. But my recent radio exposure found me receiving many emails and phone calls from people who wanted my advice. In the midst of it all a good friend of mine said, “Don’t you think you should sort out your own life before you go helping others”?

You see this person knew oh so well that behind my big smile, I struggled to find happiness behind closed doors. However the blessing that was, through helping others, I found a way to help myself.

My most common advice is about being holistically successful. What I mean by this is some people are rich but are miserable, whilst there are some who have ill health and do not know where they next meal is coming from yet they are happy and content.

When we break it down, holistic success is broken up into various strands which are; spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and mental wellbeing. Achieving all of these is what I define as being successful.

It hasn’t been easy but now I can rest assured that when I am speaking to people advising them, I’ve lived, challenged and breathed every part of achieving these goals.

I just don’t think it makes sense taking advice off someone who is clearly unsuccessful in certain areas that may become apparent to you. For example attaining good health is not going to be achieved if you take advice of a smoker.

Since doing my program of holistic cleansing I feel as though I’ve shed a skin that was previously toughened and formed by what I allowed people to have a part in.

Life now is work in progress to achieving things that I have certainty are what make me happy and those that matter around me, my children. When I wake up, I’m ready to live not survive by the grace of Allah SWT


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