The secrets that imprison you


The secrets that imprison you

How is it possible we can feel sorry for a man that chooses to deceive those that he claims to love while his actions lead him to do the one thing that contradicts this all?

Well it is possible, and it is only when we establish the values and boundaries one must attain to be an upright character, that this can be achieved.

Life has introduced me to a variety of characters that are rich in their values, whilst some hold values that are dark and come in the guise of an angel.

The man that cheats is equally as immature as the woman who allows him to do so with full awareness. And their immaturity is apparent only in their darkest secrets.

Breaking this habit can often only come about when we challenge our values and beliefs of what is right and wrong. Failing to do so fuels one’s behaviour to continue making the same mistakes again and again until someone or thing is lost or badly hurt.

Having matured myself, I now pity the individuals that conduct this behaviour and recognise that the only way they will ever free themselves is by spiritual intervention whereby they are forced to examine what they do because they sense it is wrong.

In the meantime, the very secrets that people like this conceal and triumph over in victory of them remaining unheard, are only building a fortress of beliefs that one day they must break down in order for them to see the light.


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