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Hollistic Success, unravel who you are.


Hollistic Success, unravel who you are..


Day 6 of Ramadan.- What keeps you going?


Day 6 of Ramadan.- What keeps you going?

Ok so I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually losing interest in food! Now don’t worry, I’m not turning anorexic or anything but prior to Ramadan, I was so guilty of Emotional Eating. And the results weren’t great for maintaining one’s appearance!

So this morning at suhoor (meal at dawn), food was less of a priority than drinking the right drink! Plus I was still full from my evening meal. Now courtesy of ANISA KISOON I learnt about a drink which keeps you hydrated throughout the day. I’ve been having it every day and yesterday I decided to give it a miss as water may have worked just as well. But no, I definitely noticed an immediate difference in not drinking it. So for those of you in need of knowing how to stay hydrated, I highly recommend the following;
3 pinches of Himalayan Salt
1/2 teaspoon of honey
A glass of water
A teaspoon

Mix together and ‘Voila’ there you have it. To find out more please contact Anisa Kisoon for more details. But my motivation to buy the salt was learning that standard table salt has 2 minerals whereas the Himalayan Salt has up to 83 which are all great for you in sha Allah (God Willing)

Plus here is an exclusive! Tonight on Channel 4 7.55pm watch me hanging out with Anisa and her group ‘Sisters Keeping It Real’, where we discuss the do’s and dont’s of eating and drinking in Ramadan In sha Allah (God Willing)

Peace and Blessings

Day 5 of Ramadan- Almost a week


Day 5 of Ramadan- Almost a week

With a late finish to the day last night, I contemplated whether sleep was possible. However, before I could even dwell on this, time soon passed and it was time for my morning meal, a ticket to securing I get through the day with ease. However, still full from my meal with the sisters at the Mosque I decided on a few flapjack bites and a glass of water.

Although my eyes are burning and I feel like I’ve done some boot camp training as I wake with aches and pains, something special is happening.

In between my errands I grab quite times to read the Quraan and reflect on the many reminders my Lord has sent me. It strengthens me that amongst the texts I read, I’m reminded that my Lord is a merciful one. And at a time when my faith was at its lowest, I weep with joy as I feel the ‘sweetness of eemaan (faith)’.

Anther blessing that I have failed to mention in an attempt of maintain short and snappy blogs is the kindness of my neighbours. Already my doorbell has rang three times to be greeted with delicious delights from around the world but from one street delivered by my beautiful neighbours.

Today I’ve been invited to hear the Glorious Quran recited before I break my fast. And there is nothing more sweeter than having the opportunity to listen to the Quraan without interruptions from the Accursed Shaytaan (Devil). Today is definitely a day to appreciate my spiritual flower blossom with meaning and purpose of life.

Day 4 of Ramadan- Channel 4 Reminders


Day 4 of Ramadan- Channel 4 Reminders

As the alarm went off I cringed! How I’d love to just close my eyes, but having missed a suhoor (meal at dawn) before I know all too well the consequences are not a price I’m willing to pay for.

With a packed day ahead, I knew it was vital I eat and drink. But the problem I found is I’M NOT HUNGRY! When we break our fast it’s 9.30, which means we’ve barely digested our food before we’re eating again.

Sitting in front of the TV in a zombie like state I watched Channel 4 and gave thanks that some part of the media was making an effort to educate people about the many different positive sides of Muslims and the purpose of Ramadan. Further still little gems of reminders also encouraged me why I am fasting.

Today I attended the Janaza (funeral prayer) of Uncle Saleem. I was brought to tears when I was reminded that this is a blessed time for his Janaza to take place as we know the doors to Heaven are open and the gates to Hellfire are closed. May Allah Grant him Jannah (paradise) Ameen.

Finally at home I stop to prepare for the iftaar (sunset meal) that is being held at Central Mosque for loads of sisters that may be spending their time alone for various reasons.

The hardest part of this whole fasting experience so far has to be the heat and thirst. But it is also is a great reminder of the many things I thank my Lord for like the shade and water.

Thank you to those of you who read my blogs, I hope they inspire you towards greater things (God Willing)

Day 3 of Ramadan- Just a drop


Day 3 of Ramadan- Just a drop

So due to my type of work I often get placed in different schools and quite often I’m the only Muslim in the village (school).

Today I visited another school and was confronted with all of these faces full of expression. Some gave me the sympathetic looks whilst others gave me the ‘you’re so pathetic’ look.

I didn’t feel the need to mention I was fasting so I continued my day as normal. It was only until lunch that it was finally discussed when people learnt I’d rather close my eyes and rest a little in comparison to a little snack or something to eat.

All was going well till the afternoon came and I was asked to watch the children play outside. The heat was quite intense and I soon felt the strain of the fasting.

At one point two teachers past by with water bottles in their hand. I wondered if this was a deliberate act of cruelty as the heat beat down on us.

Finally the end of the day arrived, and I couldn’t have been happier. Everyday however I feel I’m learning more and more about myself and life. Today I’ve definitely contemplated on the necessity of eating and drinking. In a world where we can indulge in the many delights I wonder if we’ve lost sight of the purpose of the very basic things we do to survive.

Day 2 of Ramadan- You may swallow


Day 2 of Ramadan- You may swallow

Ok so I made the ultimate Boo Boo and didn’t wake up for my suhoor (the meal at dawn) this morning. Now although my alarm was set, and I had an additional wake up call I slept right through it all and instead walk up at near enough 5am in the morning.

I knew there would be consequences, but as I’d made my intention I decided to follow through. Plus I thought, ‘I’m sure the large piece of chocolate fudge cake I had will hold me off for the day’!

So my day went on , and I thought all was well till my thirst kicked in! And not only that but I had a radio show I had to do. I rushed hope and managed to get half an hour of a power nap. In that small moment of panic I couldn’t convey to you more how valuable I valued the ability to swallow. My time of gratitude opened up and I gave thanks to my Lord for my health.

The interview went well and I set off for home. Looking like a zombie and feeling like one, I crashed on the sofa.

I’m never one to watch TV but fortunately for me there was a programme on BBC that highlighted the poverty in Britain and some of the dinners are eating as a result. I gave thanks to my Lord again for my ability to cook a mean indian curry out of two vegetables. (recipe coming soon)

As minutes approached for the time for me to break my fast my door bell rang. It was my neighbour with a plate of food. Another time to give thanks to my Lord for good neighbours and food.

Day 1 Ramadan and fasting


Day 1 Ramadan and fasting

Eyes are burning, but other than that, it’s just another day. I dropped my son off to school and watched him walk through the gates. It’s his first day fasting, and although nervous he said he was ready!

I on the other hand nervously anticipated the arrival of a 18 hour fast, not sure how I would respond to being without food and drink for so long. But as the sun set, a feeling overcame me as we entered the first day of fasting. I cannot explain it well but it was a feeling in my heart. I then recalled the Devil is chained in this blessed month. I sobbed feeling the mercy of Allah SWT.

Many are bewildered as to why Muslims put themselves through such an enduring process, but the truth is, the spiritual wealth that is accumulated cannot be replaced with nothing more gratifying. My own motivation comes from going back to the very essence of who I am, ‘A Muslim’. I take it upon myself not to practice just because it’s the done thing to do, but to fully understand the purpose of Ramadan for the believer. ‘Knowledge precedes action’