Polygamy- the secret triangle


Polygamy- the secret triangle

She is none the wiser! He smiles at her, and she smiles back. But in their unspoken language both are armed with a guard ready for attack.

She waits for him to say, “I’m getting married again”. While he waits for her to come to him saying, “how could you get married again, behind my back!”

Far in the distance, a wife sits alone, waiting for his arrival, or looking at her phone. Swept away by the intense moments that capture her desire to be imprisoned by her very own desires that refuses to set her free. She got married to a man who was already wed to a mother of three.

Islam says a man can have up to 4 wives. And if a woman does not consent, he can still marry, to prevent him from committing sin.

The example of our Prophet (SAW) saw him ask Ali (RA) not to marry another wife because it would cause his Fatimah (RA) too much pain. So Ali remained married to just Fatimah (RA) the daughter of the Prophet SAW.

We see here that the Muslim women is within her rights to ask her husband not to marry, yet some men decide to get married again, some in secret others openly, saying they fear no one but Allah. Which one is right?

Part 2 coming soon!


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