Sisters keeping it real!


Sisters keeping it real!

My recent progression in the media world has meant I have had the opportunity of meeting lots of amazing and interesting people. And in doing so, I’ve learnt very quickly that the success of some has yet to be desired. But amongst the hustle and Bustle of it all, you meet people that really make you think.

Anisa Kissoon is the founder of ‘Sisters keeping it Real’ a project founded in the hope of reaching out to sisters who are ready to talk about the harsh realities in life.

I was invited to attend one of these meetings being filmed for Channel 4. Whilst sitting with the other sisters I soon came to learn about some of the difficulties they were having. I knew I was only getting a pinch of what I was being told, but that was enough for me to recognise the need for a project like ‘Sisters keeping it real’ to continue.

Before I embarked on Radio Presenting, I too would often be disappointed to see that there were no extensions of support to sisters who were often going through difficult times. And indeed when sisters turned to masjids, their problems were mismanaged due to them being heavily influenced by men who would not honour or protect the way they are supposed to.

For example, with domestic violence, sisters were told ‘be patient’, or ‘become what it is they are asking for to make them happy’. Brothers were reluctantly addressed due to their outright refusal or fault of the masjids not wanting to get involved.

I can only ask Allah to aid these sisters to continue with their works so the wellbeing of the sisters from our community will be cherished and preserved. We must remember that a large majority of these sisters are mothers, and it is not good for children to witness their mothers being treating this way.


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    • wyaki sis and thank you for taking time out to reply to the post. I just feel that once we identify a problem we must provide a solution, and often sisters are unable to do so due to there been no platforms or groups that make a way. Success comes from Allah alhamdulilah xx

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