Day 1 Ramadan and fasting


Day 1 Ramadan and fasting

Eyes are burning, but other than that, it’s just another day. I dropped my son off to school and watched him walk through the gates. It’s his first day fasting, and although nervous he said he was ready!

I on the other hand nervously anticipated the arrival of a 18 hour fast, not sure how I would respond to being without food and drink for so long. But as the sun set, a feeling overcame me as we entered the first day of fasting. I cannot explain it well but it was a feeling in my heart. I then recalled the Devil is chained in this blessed month. I sobbed feeling the mercy of Allah SWT.

Many are bewildered as to why Muslims put themselves through such an enduring process, but the truth is, the spiritual wealth that is accumulated cannot be replaced with nothing more gratifying. My own motivation comes from going back to the very essence of who I am, ‘A Muslim’. I take it upon myself not to practice just because it’s the done thing to do, but to fully understand the purpose of Ramadan for the believer. ‘Knowledge precedes action’


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