Day 2 of Ramadan- You may swallow


Day 2 of Ramadan- You may swallow

Ok so I made the ultimate Boo Boo and didn’t wake up for my suhoor (the meal at dawn) this morning. Now although my alarm was set, and I had an additional wake up call I slept right through it all and instead walk up at near enough 5am in the morning.

I knew there would be consequences, but as I’d made my intention I decided to follow through. Plus I thought, ‘I’m sure the large piece of chocolate fudge cake I had will hold me off for the day’!

So my day went on , and I thought all was well till my thirst kicked in! And not only that but I had a radio show I had to do. I rushed hope and managed to get half an hour of a power nap. In that small moment of panic I couldn’t convey to you more how valuable I valued the ability to swallow. My time of gratitude opened up and I gave thanks to my Lord for my health.

The interview went well and I set off for home. Looking like a zombie and feeling like one, I crashed on the sofa.

I’m never one to watch TV but fortunately for me there was a programme on BBC that highlighted the poverty in Britain and some of the dinners are eating as a result. I gave thanks to my Lord again for my ability to cook a mean indian curry out of two vegetables. (recipe coming soon)

As minutes approached for the time for me to break my fast my door bell rang. It was my neighbour with a plate of food. Another time to give thanks to my Lord for good neighbours and food.


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