Day 3 of Ramadan- Just a drop


Day 3 of Ramadan- Just a drop

So due to my type of work I often get placed in different schools and quite often I’m the only Muslim in the village (school).

Today I visited another school and was confronted with all of these faces full of expression. Some gave me the sympathetic looks whilst others gave me the ‘you’re so pathetic’ look.

I didn’t feel the need to mention I was fasting so I continued my day as normal. It was only until lunch that it was finally discussed when people learnt I’d rather close my eyes and rest a little in comparison to a little snack or something to eat.

All was going well till the afternoon came and I was asked to watch the children play outside. The heat was quite intense and I soon felt the strain of the fasting.

At one point two teachers past by with water bottles in their hand. I wondered if this was a deliberate act of cruelty as the heat beat down on us.

Finally the end of the day arrived, and I couldn’t have been happier. Everyday however I feel I’m learning more and more about myself and life. Today I’ve definitely contemplated on the necessity of eating and drinking. In a world where we can indulge in the many delights I wonder if we’ve lost sight of the purpose of the very basic things we do to survive.


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