Day 4 of Ramadan- Channel 4 Reminders


Day 4 of Ramadan- Channel 4 Reminders

As the alarm went off I cringed! How I’d love to just close my eyes, but having missed a suhoor (meal at dawn) before I know all too well the consequences are not a price I’m willing to pay for.

With a packed day ahead, I knew it was vital I eat and drink. But the problem I found is I’M NOT HUNGRY! When we break our fast it’s 9.30, which means we’ve barely digested our food before we’re eating again.

Sitting in front of the TV in a zombie like state I watched Channel 4 and gave thanks that some part of the media was making an effort to educate people about the many different positive sides of Muslims and the purpose of Ramadan. Further still little gems of reminders also encouraged me why I am fasting.

Today I attended the Janaza (funeral prayer) of Uncle Saleem. I was brought to tears when I was reminded that this is a blessed time for his Janaza to take place as we know the doors to Heaven are open and the gates to Hellfire are closed. May Allah Grant him Jannah (paradise) Ameen.

Finally at home I stop to prepare for the iftaar (sunset meal) that is being held at Central Mosque for loads of sisters that may be spending their time alone for various reasons.

The hardest part of this whole fasting experience so far has to be the heat and thirst. But it is also is a great reminder of the many things I thank my Lord for like the shade and water.

Thank you to those of you who read my blogs, I hope they inspire you towards greater things (God Willing)


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