Day 5 of Ramadan- Almost a week


Day 5 of Ramadan- Almost a week

With a late finish to the day last night, I contemplated whether sleep was possible. However, before I could even dwell on this, time soon passed and it was time for my morning meal, a ticket to securing I get through the day with ease. However, still full from my meal with the sisters at the Mosque I decided on a few flapjack bites and a glass of water.

Although my eyes are burning and I feel like I’ve done some boot camp training as I wake with aches and pains, something special is happening.

In between my errands I grab quite times to read the Quraan and reflect on the many reminders my Lord has sent me. It strengthens me that amongst the texts I read, I’m reminded that my Lord is a merciful one. And at a time when my faith was at its lowest, I weep with joy as I feel the ‘sweetness of eemaan (faith)’.

Anther blessing that I have failed to mention in an attempt of maintain short and snappy blogs is the kindness of my neighbours. Already my doorbell has rang three times to be greeted with delicious delights from around the world but from one street delivered by my beautiful neighbours.

Today I’ve been invited to hear the Glorious Quran recited before I break my fast. And there is nothing more sweeter than having the opportunity to listen to the Quraan without interruptions from the Accursed Shaytaan (Devil). Today is definitely a day to appreciate my spiritual flower blossom with meaning and purpose of life.


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