Day 6 of Ramadan.- What keeps you going?


Day 6 of Ramadan.- What keeps you going?

Ok so I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually losing interest in food! Now don’t worry, I’m not turning anorexic or anything but prior to Ramadan, I was so guilty of Emotional Eating. And the results weren’t great for maintaining one’s appearance!

So this morning at suhoor (meal at dawn), food was less of a priority than drinking the right drink! Plus I was still full from my evening meal. Now courtesy of ANISA KISOON I learnt about a drink which keeps you hydrated throughout the day. I’ve been having it every day and yesterday I decided to give it a miss as water may have worked just as well. But no, I definitely noticed an immediate difference in not drinking it. So for those of you in need of knowing how to stay hydrated, I highly recommend the following;
3 pinches of Himalayan Salt
1/2 teaspoon of honey
A glass of water
A teaspoon

Mix together and ‘Voila’ there you have it. To find out more please contact Anisa Kisoon for more details. But my motivation to buy the salt was learning that standard table salt has 2 minerals whereas the Himalayan Salt has up to 83 which are all great for you in sha Allah (God Willing)

Plus here is an exclusive! Tonight on Channel 4 7.55pm watch me hanging out with Anisa and her group ‘Sisters Keeping It Real’, where we discuss the do’s and dont’s of eating and drinking in Ramadan In sha Allah (God Willing)

Peace and Blessings


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