A cry for help!


A cry for help!

I don’t get much time but when I’m able to I’ll go and visit her. Just an hour she requests bravely with a smile.

Other than me her only contact is with her drug dealer and anyone associated with her daughter or herself.

Imagine weeks upon weeks upon months of no one looking after you, checking on you seeing if you are ok.

I tried inviting organisations to help her! The food bank delivered her a month’s supply of food, but she just shared most of it amongst other families in need.

When I gave her money, I realised that it was spent recklessly on drugs or items of luxury like 3 pairs of boots.

All that was left is I check on her, and tell her she’s loved and capable and doing well. It broke my heart till slowly there was progress.

She started to unravel how my words although apparently worthless in their weight, left her pearls of strength and hope.

This blog is not here for me to praise my behaviour but rather to highlight how what we feel may be little may in fact be great.

I pray for her everyday in the hope that one day I’ll visit her and see her smile again not because she is forcing her self too, but because she wants too.

Dedicated to a sister who thought she was worth nothing but learnt she is incredible and special and worth fighting for!


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