Leave me Alone


Leave me Alone

It was wonderful! I crept out the room and ran myself a hot bath. Only 7am in the morning and the whole house was silent and peaceful.

I sat at the mirror and took a deep breath, another day I thought Praise be to Allah.

No sooner had I exhaled my son walked into the room, ‘Morning Mom’!
“Sssshhhhhh”, I commanded him! I was desperate to complete my blissful morning with a cup of green tea. But no, that was not going to happen not today.

Time alone used to be something I ran from. And trust me, when you are not used to it, its harder than you think.

However after forcing myself to 7 days of being alone with myself, I now rush at the opportunity to sit and just breathe.

As I write this my daughter crawls on my back desperate to have my time. I realised spending time alone that if we don’t assess how we distribute our time, we’ll often miss out on the things and people that count the most. And most fortunate for me I value that time alone!


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