What do you do with a beautiful voice?


What do you do with a beautiful voice?

Standing in the audience at the Eid mela I reflected on how far I came. I stared at the stage remembering the times I joined some of the artists on there singing and doing my thang!

It all came to an end for me when I came across the Islamic view that women singing is not permissible. When I learnt this alongside my purpose in life I abandoned it.

Letting go of the singing was a very sad part of my life as I laid to rest a big part of who I had become for most of my life.

It was one day at a dinner I met a sister who became very upset when she learned I had given up the singing. This meeting got me thinking, and I revisited the position on singing.

Fast forward to today I’m singing at women only events, and I’m overcome with emotion to learn that my ‘voice is like medicine’ as one sister said to me.

On the other hand many sisters still contact me, expressing reasons why I should stay far from Nasheed’s.

Peace comes from seeking guidance from my Lord, and I ask Allah everyday to keep me away from that which is not good for me.

My son is at an age where he has witnessed me on a journey, and at the Eid Mela he asked me something I couldn’t answer. He said why is it ok for Muslim men to sing to men and women, doesn’t it make sense that they only sing to men too!

And the journey continues, Please feel free to comment on this one!


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