Life after Divorce


Life after Divorce

Where do you begin? When after love has been declared like a mirror hanging over the fire place finally falls and shatters. Who picks up the pieces?

The answers are there, but whether the two that once loved are strong enough or mature enough to face up to reality is another question.

In the most common of scenario’s its the woman who is left with the children, and life must continue. But is there enough out there in this big world to aid a family to establish a way forward without the interference of ego’s.

Quiet often those involved know there is hardly nothing, and if you want help you must exert your energy to access this support.

Today I sat and spoke to a young child afflicted with a heavy heart scared to express how they really felt amidst the exchange of ammunition.

Some things are easier than others, but as a community it grieves me to know that as people rush to rejoice in the union of two coming together, their absence will be felt when it all goes wrong.

I pray that the children who become victim to this neglect are protected from the many obstacles they will face in light of when a marriage finally fails.

Life after divorce is never going to be easy, but the recovery is vital, as just like broken glass, if we don’t pick up all the pieces, someone is going to get hurt!


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