My journey to Islam


My journey to Islam

As most of my followers are non-Muslim I felt it would be great if I could do a blog expressing a little insight as to why I’m Muslim. People often say, “Why do you cover, you’ve got such lovely hair” and the comments continue. So here it is, a little but deep account of how questioning got me to where I am.

My experience with finding the truth in brief is after exploring African Spirituality, Buddhism, and anything else spiritually enlightening, I finally came across Islam.

Although raised in a Muslim family they were not practising therefore when I embarked upon what Islam really is, I was overwhelmed with what I could only witness as perfection.


I didn’t want to cover my hair and commit to the other restriction we commonly here imposed on Muslim women, I couldn’t relate as at the time I was a professional recording artist. So I ran a mile and continued seeking for….. the truth.

Eventually one night my emotional well being was at its lowest. And what happened to me that night can only be described as spiritual intervention. The truth arrived and I couldn’t walk away from it.

That night my soul felt like someone left outside in the cold on a dark wet night, standing there all bruised and tired from life. It was like someone opened the doors to their home. They invited me in bathed me, fed me, tended to my wounds and then gave me shelter and a comfy bed to rest.

Upon leaving I asked, “how can I repay you?” my Lord said worship me!

That is where my journey began with Islam. Not only seeking knowledge but RIGHT knowledge. We can seek knowledge but upon we receiving it we find it does not benefit us. We must therefore evaluate what knowledge will benefit us by ensuring its source is reliable.

Some knowledge may be a waste of time therefore when learning about Islam respected brothers and sisters, make sure you start by seeking knowledge in the right places.

May Allah Guide you to the Straight path Ameen


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