Feed me to the lions or give me a stage?


Feed me to the lions or give me a stage?

Fed up with what seemed like an ambush I did what I thought best! And the result seems to have left spiritual repercussions greater than I had ever anticipated.

Within the space of a week, offers were thrown at me left, right and centre to express my woes about something I considered to be a valuable spiritual experience that many saw little or any worth in at all!

I knew that up until now the people around me and my own interpretation had put me in a seat of complacency practising a belief that enabled me to bath in a pool of faith and certainty.

Fast forward and I sit here wondering if the circus master relished at my decision to share this belief, as I entered the circus ring.

I have much respect for the people I’ve met along the way who seem to have seen my sincerity and offered me a cushioned seat in a hope of offering me a little rest-bite in the ring, to contemplate my next move.

Did I get it all wrong? Are the public like a lion waiting to eat me alive or are there people out there who are ready and willing to understand my truth. Clearly my answer is only one that time will unravel.


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