You are NOT ‘Just a mom’!


You are NOT 'Just a mom'!

After my speech about inspiration I stood amongst the audience and was greeted by a beautiful sister. “Your speech was beautiful” she told me. Curious to build upon her compliment and find a compliment to return, I thanked her and asked her what she did. With a nervous giggle she replied, “Oh me, nothing really, I’m just a mom”.

In true matrix style I wanted to fly through the air and prevent her from saying those FORBIDDEN words, “I’m Just a mom”. I took a deep breath and began the sermon.

I began by explaining to her that in my speech I made mention that we are all inspirations. In life we become suffocated by the demands and needs of others. Our natural inclination to help others, forces us to give and keep giving, often limiting our own time to reflect on what we need and want.

Through time I’ve learnt that often many of us are guilty of loving others better than we do ourselves. So how do we get out of this rut, and begin to make time for ourselves without feeling guilty about doing so? The answer lies in challenging your self Belief. As Zuhair Girach once mentioned in his lecture, the moment you say “I am”, you become.

Mothers develop highly complex organisation skills managing their house, children, and finances. If we were to examine each of these roles alone we would be overcome with the reminders that these responsibilities are great task loads in themselves.

Although we don’t receive a thank you or a great big cheque at the end of it all, the rewards and benefits are being planted like little seeds. Some blossom sooner than others like good manners, good school grades, hygiene, righteousness, shyness and independence.

By the end of this mini speech the sister was gleaming. I told her, “Please sister, next time someone asks you, please tell them I have the best job in the world, I’m a mom, and not only are you that, you are also an inspiration to those around you and yourself for continuing to apply your best everyday despite how YOU feel, because without you, those around you would be lost”!


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  1. Yea, so true.
    It is a combination of all sorts of jobs: a mother is a teacher, a trainer, a nurse, a supreme judge!!…Heaven itself lies beneath a mother’s feet. 😀

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