Just a piece of cloth, isn’t it?


Just a piece of cloth, isn't it?

Frustrated by the lack of media representation of women expressing the value of the niqaab/hijab to themselves, I went for gold took to the stage. However in doing so I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

In the space of a couple of weeks I’ve come to learn that ‘this piece of cloth’ is big news all over the world, but why is it getting so much attention? Some countries want less of it, whilst some countries want more. But in a bid to control this measure it seems the objective of why this piece of cloth was put there in the first place has been lost.

We often visualise Adam and eve with leaves covering certain parts of the bodies. Our first insight in to the term, ‘modesty’. Now I could go on to give you the dictionary definition but I’ll get right to the point and leave you to explore that term.

In different parts of the world the woman’s right to dress how she chooses, it seems, is being opposed by a group of people who argue you that their right to see a woman presented in a certain stance should be also be heard.

I’ve heard and seen many arguments prevail in this battle of intellects trying to distinguish between right and wrong. And what I’ve come to learn is what was once valued by mankind in helping us achieve the laws that govern our behaviour in society, have now slowly lost value as man’s law (Government) is considered to hold as much importance.

Spirituality seems to have been taken out of the equation, and if that be the case, then mankind is set up to take a big fall, whilst those who believe in the law of their creator hold on to every ounce of honour that demonstrates their devotion to their beliefs.


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