Saving money with Curry! My Curry Guide


Saving money with Curry! My Curry Guide

Every now and then I indulge in a little shopping therapy, as every now and then it has to be done. Unfortunately this has consequences, alongside the unexpected financial emergencies such as car troubles or celebrations that everyone seems to want to keep inventing!

But hey, I roll with the punches, as you do. So today whilst cooking I thought I must share my amazing discovery with curry. It has proved to be a life saver for my very fast and hectic lifestyle as a working mother. So here is what I’d like to share.

Curries are amazing as you can make a curry out of the simplest ingredients. The secret is the MASALA, once you’ve mastered this base of a curry you can officially considered yourself a curry extraordinaire.

So before I give you the Masala ingredients I’d just like to list the variety of curries you can make, that cost next to nothing. All you need is whatever you’ve decided to add to the curry, like: Potatoes, Vegetables, Egg, Prawn, Spinach, Lentils, Paneer (Cheese) and the list goes on.

Variations to the curries can be changed by adding either yogurt or coconut milk.

So how to make the masala (serve 4), ingredients will be in capitals for your shopping list:

Fry one large chopped ONION, just before they brown add two teaspoons of GARLIC AND GINGER PASTE, then brown in a couple of tablespoons of VEGETABLE OIL. Add GARAM MASALA seasoning (2 table spoons), sprinkle JEERA seasoning, 1/4 teaspoon of TUMERIC seasoning, fresh CORRIANDER or powder (1 Spoon) and pour half a tin of CHOPPED TOMATOES or 2 large fresh ones. A couple of Green Chillies finely chopped. And finally 1/2 teaspoons of SALT. Cook for a few of minutes, add water if necessary. You now have your base! Add what ever you like!

You can eat your curry with rice, naan or chapatti’s.

Once you’ve brought the brunt of ingredients its all about just buying what you fancy to curry up.

A trick I do and a lot of Asian women I know is to cook a large pot of masala and then separate it and freeze it. Therefore when you are in a rush you can just drop the frozen masala in, wait a couple of minutes and off you go.

I find the curries filling, tasty and definitely a money saver!

I never usually write about cooking so this is just one of them random blogs, I hope it proves worthy to someone!


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