Spending time alone with your thoughts.


Spending time alone with your thoughts.

Quite recently I’m embarked upon a sister who wept in front of me. Her beauty was stunning, her house was amazing and her children gleamed with good manners. However in all of her perfection she found out the man she gave her all to was with another woman.

Head in her hands, heart in despair she pleaded with me for solace. ‘Why has he done this to me, I gave him everything he asked for, good food, beautiful children, good sex but still he goes and treats me like this’.

Now I’ve been here many times with my friends and of course, I was once the one who cried. So what do we say or what do we do when we find ourselves or our friends in this predicament?

The answer was in the second paragraph of this blog. We often pick up the phone or run to our friends for support when we are distressed by life’s experiences. And yet we fail notice the one thing we never did, spend time alone with ourselves (the voice within).

In the second paragraph there were many questions, and indeed what I often realize is no matter what we hear, we will fall straight into the same situation again and again until something changes. That change is empowering that voice within, to love and protect yourself enough to make sure that this never happens again. Isn’t that why we go to our friends or people? It is only human nature that we want to be looked after, but people and things are not reliable and not capable of resolving only what you have the power to change.

So my final word to people who happen to seek my advice is ‘take back your power and responsibility for who you allow to love you, trust you, and share your worth’.

Spend time alone with your thoughts that come from the voice within, the traveller within, that is trying to love you.


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