To those who say I’m wrong for speaking out about the veil


To those who say I'm wrong for speaking out about the veil

I have just got off the phone to someone who said I’m wrong for speaking out in public Media. My response, ‘Knowledge Precede’s Action’. The following is ONE of the ways I go about making a decision. Not all Media are evil or ignorant as some have claimed. So for those Muslims who claim to more righteous because they don’t speak to the Kufaar (dis believers), because ‘students of knowledge’ have told them to do so, then please read the following.

From the book “Words of Advice Regarding Da’wah” (‘Abdul ‘Azeez ibn ‘Abdullaah ibn Baaz RM)
Page 79, Chapter 20 states the following:
“Using Media for giving Dawah
The use of media has become one of the most successful and beneficial means of communication in this age. This is due to its popularity and it being a weapon with two edges.

If the media such as radio, Newspapers and television, are used for giving da’wah, and for guiding people to Allaah and what the Prophet Muhammad SAW has brought, then this is a great thing which can benefit the ummah wherever they are, by the permission of Allah. This can also benefit the non Muslim in helping them understand and comprehend it, learn about its merits and know that it is the path to success in this world and in the hereafter.

If is obligatory for the daa’ees, as well as for the Muslim rulers to contribute in Dawah in every way they can through the use of Radio, Newspaper, television and in speech’s in gatherings on Jummah (Friday) as well as on other days. They should also use other means which enable people to hear the truth in all the languages used by the people, so that dawah and advice can reach them wherever they are in the world, in their own languages.”

If after reading this you still feel I’m doing wrong, then advice with Quran and Sunnah, not your ego’s or opinions.


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  1. Assalamu alaykum. Da’wah is something close to my heart and I passionately believe in using media of all kinds to educate about Islam. I stumbled upon your blog purely by chance, and don’t see any reference to what you actually said on public media (or in fact who you are). I’d love to get some background. Jazakallahu khair.

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