After the debate


After the debate

In need of a cuppa and some biscuits I paused to reflect on my journey so far.

The debate it self was a success, providing a platform of heartfelt views about the marmite subject of the ‘niqaab’. But what stood out the most for me, was people’s incapability to articulate their opinions without causing injury to those that choose to express themselves.

At one point I was disappointed to see sisters circle poor Yasmin who clearly feels confident to express her dislike about the veil. I do not agree with the way that Yasmin presented her view however one cannot deny that what she has defended in the past is worthy of an applause. So in conclusion I stand with Yasmin on some matters, however on some we are clearly oceans apart.

As Muslims we are told to ‘argue better than them’, and its something I choose to hold on to in the hope that I can over-ride my desire to let my ego get the better of me.

As for Douglas Murray, of course the niqaab would seem undesirable to him, alongside other things that many of us may cringe at seeing such as: piercings, Tattoos, fat people in clothes to small for them, and many other things can make us feel uncomfortable. But should we favour our own discomforts in attempt to control the behaviours of others, so we feel better? Clearly the answer is no, and it was a relief to see Mr Murray struggle to say he wants an outright ban, as he knows only to well it seems that this measure can only be applied in certain places when stressed.

Anyone who knows me, knows I was very quite in this debate and I guess it is due to me arriving to a conclusion that I feel content with. And that being, that like Turkey acknowledged, the introduction of their ban was clearly an act of discrimination, Britain also acknowledges this fact. As if we attempt to introduce a ban to alleviate women who are forced to a veil as a motivation, then we are ignoring the fact that we are as bad as the oppressors we claim to protect women against.

Rather than us eliminate things we don’t understand from society, we should educate people, to tolerate things that are alien to us. Isn’t that the solution?

And in the meantime invest our energies into matters that are clearly more concerning, such as child protection, sexual exploitation, Domestic Violence and many more issues.

Extra thank you to Channel 4 news team for their uniqueness and delivery of a great debate.


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  1. Assalam aleykum sister,

    JazakAllah Khairan for representing Islam so well. I though you were great and the niqaabi sisters won hands down. Alhumdulillah.

    The whole recent debate about niqaab has got me thinking really long and hard about adopting it myself. l have so many questions to ask – would you be able to advise sisters like me?

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