Single Mothers Sail, float or sink?


Single Mothers Sail, float or sink?

As the day begins I open my eyes praying I feel better than yesterday. To my dismay the feeling of weakness still lingers in my body! I take a big sigh and call up work to tell them the bad news. At the back of my mind I think, “Oh no, another day off work, I might loose my job, this is going to affect me financially, there are so many things I can do, maybe I can go in and just take it really slow”?????????

Life as a single mother has to be one of the most challenging roles. maintaining an abundance of tasks and responsibilities. I’ve met many single mothers, and their drive to achieve amazes me. So this blog is definitely dedicated to my sisters who I know push forward through hardship after hardship.

In the space of a day, from the moment I wake up its all go, till eventually I collapse on my bed exhausted from the non stop task load of work that seems endless. I know there are some mothers who are married and endure the same intensity of hardship. Looking on the bright side I’m grateful that I’m not one of them ladies who in addition to everything else on my task load, has to cook and clean for a man who contributes nothing more than another mouth to feed in the household!

However in the midst of these trials, when disaster strikes, there nothing is more wonderful than seeing your hard work pay-off when the compassion of your children blossoms like a flower. My son offering to aid me in the necessities of getting through the day while I lay on the sofa temporarily disabled from attending to the chores of a daily routine. My daughter asking me constantly what I want and catapulting into nurse mode treating me just the way I do her. A feel guiltlessness engulfs me as I contemplate whether I’m robbing my children of an experience to be kids like everyone else.

Some mothers Sail through this experience supported by families that step in to fill in the vacancy of an absent father. While some mothers, every now and then float on an ocean called ‘what to do next’, exhausted, stoned, depressed or stunned by life’s relay of ongoing journey. And finally there are the mothers who sink, unable to cope with the world above water, so they sink by the sheer weight of demands they cannot meet and retreat to the depths of the sea bed to figure out how to find the strength to swim back to the top and see the light!

Where ever you are on this Ocean of life, dear single mothers, I salute you, you’re doing a great job!

Praying my health is restored so I can get back to what I do best 🙂


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