The Niqaabi Complex


The Niqaabi Complex

Ok, so its long overdue! Time and time again I’ve been told that people have not had very nice encounters with sisters who wear face veils. I of course have met some beautiful sisters, but always been open to the truth I took time out to observe whether this theory was correct.

Unfortunately I soon learnt that the manners of sisters who wore veils were not all as I’d anticipated. It seemed a lot had either developed on their own accord or been coerced into thinking that because they covered more they were indeed far more superior than those that didn’t in some way or another.

Now based on my own decision to cover my face I must highlight that I indeed, did work towards beautifying my characteristics first, in an attempt to demonstrate the highest end of all acts of worship. I was praying more fasting more and eventually learnt about ways of maximising my reward which was to cover more.

I understood that this gradual development in all aspects of worship were common traits of most sisters that wore the face veil. However, travelling across Britain through various media opportunities has exposed me to an ugly truth and that is that it clearly is not what often motivates sisters to veil.

Bearing all this in mind, one would question whether or not I will continue to veil. And the answer is most definitely yes (God Willing). I may not agree with what has become of this dress code however it doesn’t change how I arrived at my decision to indulge in an experience that most definitely works for me.

And furthermore any sisters who veil and have taken offence to this then ask yourself why? I’m not scared of accepting the truth when I’m faced with it, and furthermore I’m not afraid of speaking out against those that brainwash our dear sisters into behaving the way they think is right to do so, rather than giving daleel (evidence) about how they arrived at their understanding.

“Knowledge precedes action”


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