The pain will stop when the abuse stops!


The pain will stop when the abuse stops!

Some people were abused when they were children. It was out of their control. And when they recognised they were in pain, they tried to ask for help only to be silenced!

The journey of reclaiming your self worth begins. The movies tell us, the books tell us, and everything else that we bump into tells us it will be ok, but in reality it never works out that way.

What actually happens when the ones we love let us down? Time after time I meet people confused and in turmoil trying to understand why they always get things wrong!

The most common failure occurs in relationships. When we almost welcome a form of abuse to be initiated again and again and again.

But why would someone do that to themselves! It seems the answer can only be found when the one that has been hurts finally accepts that the failure to feel loved at a time it was most needed was not accomplished and blame is not the answer, rather forgiveness and acceptance is.

The beginning starts when the people who have been abused acknowledge and accept how the abuse determines their behaviour. Once this is accomplished the journey of self empowerment can begin, by learning to say no to what is often known all too well will only cause a lot of pain.


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