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Was it because she was a BLACK Muslim?


Was it because she was a BLACK Muslim?

She was lying on her back in the middle of the pavement, dressed in her abayah and headscarf as usual, and all the Muslims walked past, observed her lying there, and then kept moving. Upset she screamed out, “if you aren’t going to help me then just keep on moving”! She happened to fall in front of a cashpoint, brothers with beards and thobes impatiently tried to find away to the cashpoint, some even considering to step over her!

This is what I learnt when I went to visit my dear sister yesterday, concerned that she had not been in touch with me. I was disgusted to learn sisters with niqaabs and many others continued to pass her and not tend to her.

The ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive, and in the end it wasn’t a MUSLIM that went to her rescue it was Black Non- Muslim. Other non-Muslims also aided her while she lay on the ground.

Very upset by this she relayed her story to me as I listened in disgust. “I don’t understand, I’m clearly dressed like a Muslim, so where were my brothers and sisters to help me when I lay there in the rain shivering in pain”. I really couldn’t say nothing as what seemed like a million thoughts raced through my head.

The sister observed that all of the Muslims that passed were Asian, and therefore she concluded that, “it must be because of my race, why else”?

I hope this blog reaches those that can remind our brothers in sisters in khutbahs and any other opportunity that Islam does not in any way so ever condone RACISM. Allah really knows best what happened!!

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”
Quraan 49:13


After all that, the sister doesn’t give evidance


After all that, the sister doesn't give evidance

So I got a call early this morning to be on a Radio Show commenting on a Muslim Woman’s decision not to give evidence. The research team said to me, “Don’t you think its a Cop Out?”

I made the following points:
If this lady didn’t wear a veil, would we continue to make this as big of an issue if she chose not to appear in court? There is no clear proof that the reason behind her now not giving evidence is due to her veil. I question whether she has made this choice for other reasons.

I’m often asked what do I think and what would I do, I respond by saying “Its not my place to judge”, I really believe the right people have to make the right choices, and that is the whole purpose of getting an education. It develops a level of competency for us to make JUST DECISIONS on cases that hold no value to our own attitudes and belief’s.

We have to take full responsibility in how we manage this discussion and be careful not to hold to account a particular group of people for how they are dressed because WE FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. Last time I checked, that was called racism, and if this was happening in the school playground, it wouldn’t be tolerated.

If it were the case, where the woman chose not to give evidence in court because she didn’t want to lift her veil, I have to question who are those around her that advice her in this manner???

And the Saga continues…Sigh

Muslim Media Representation


I interviewed Aysha who was successful at leading a petition to stop Matthew Boulten College from banning the niqaab on their premises. I also interviewed Safiyah Sultana, the founder of Sakinah Muslim Counselling about her appearances on the Channel 4 niqaab debate and Sky news discussing the veil. For more shows like this, tune in every Thursday on Unity FM 93.5 FM or listen live via 5-6pm

The child without a father figure


The child without a father figure

When we think of absent fathers, we instantly imagine the father of a child not been physically present. That is what I thought too. But as time went on I soon discovered this is not the case. ‘Absent Father Syndrome’ affects many of us who have felt the emotional turmoil created when a father doesn’t appear to care.

I’m definitely one of those people that gets around meeting people from lots of different backgrounds. Eventually over a period of time the problems of people I’ve met, slowly unravel themselves as I develop understanding sets of relationships with those that choose to share.

Words cannot express the pain that I, amongst others I know, have had to endure all because a father was never present emotionally or physically. So in this ugly scenario who is really to blame? Is it the mother who pushes the father away, or the father who never learnt himself how to connect?

Of course no one is to blame, and blaming is not where our energy needs to be invested. What we need to focus on is providing solutions,. I’ve attended many meetings that discuss the problems we face with our young generation but little seems to be achieved to conquer this quest.

I see two wounds in need of healing for the abuser and the abused, who carry a boulder that it seems only a helping hand can remove from a spot they cannot reach themselves.