Rape Face ain’t a joke! please speak to your kids!


I’m totally disgusted!

My ten year old son was telling me in an everyday conversation about this thing called ‘Rape Face’. Immediatley I wanted to react and ‘My alarms bells’ went off, but I remained calm and let him finish what he was saying. I then continued to ask him very calmly in the ‘YOU AIN’T IN TROUBLE VOICE’, where he learnt about this.

I was shocked to learn it was from ‘KSI’, and on top of that there is also a competition!

Eventually I broke it down to my son and explained why I was so upset by this ‘term’ and as for the face, NOT ON!

Can you imagine what evil and chaos this would stir amongst youngsters!

I’ll let you decide for yourself if I’m over reacting!

BTW my son is only 10 years old 😦



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