The dimensions of Hijab


Yesterday I was invited to discuss a survey which looks at how different countries think Muslim Women Should dress. I said my piece which delivered various points.

1) If the purpose of this Survey to use this information to gain a greater understanding of how hijab is perceived in different countries then great! However if it was used to deliver an idea that is weighed with the consensus that PEOPLE think this is how women should dress then this is totally wrong!

2) Hijab has many Dimensions. It is a set of conditions that determine our limitations when delving into the world of fashion whilst also moving between the area of modesty.

The above is clearly my interpretations of the hijab, which I hold very low on my list of priorities when it comes to Islam. Tawheed and grasping a full understanding of the 5 pillars of Islam is my main concern and they are the Foundation of every Muslims destination of Success.

The criticism has started rolling in about my choice to wear the niqaab when and how I choose to. I may be wrong, and if so its disappointing to see that out of all the Muslims I know, only one challenged my ideas to my face. Other than that I’ve been showered with love from Non Muslims who approach me with an array of comments and reasoning.

Some have thanked me for helping them see past the fog that has been placed by others or experiences that leave them running from the oppressive Islam that they know of. While others share their stories of oppression and enlightenment about another side of Islam I didn’t even know existed.

At the end of the day I retreat to the only place I have faith, gives me the love and healing I need, that is Praying to Allah SWT.

To be continued…


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