The child without a father figure


The child without a father figure

When we think of absent fathers, we instantly imagine the father of a child not been physically present. That is what I thought too. But as time went on I soon discovered this is not the case. ‘Absent Father Syndrome’ affects many of us who have felt the emotional turmoil created when a father doesn’t appear to care.

I’m definitely one of those people that gets around meeting people from lots of different backgrounds. Eventually over a period of time the problems of people I’ve met, slowly unravel themselves as I develop understanding sets of relationships with those that choose to share.

Words cannot express the pain that I, amongst others I know, have had to endure all because a father was never present emotionally or physically. So in this ugly scenario who is really to blame? Is it the mother who pushes the father away, or the father who never learnt himself how to connect?

Of course no one is to blame, and blaming is not where our energy needs to be invested. What we need to focus on is providing solutions,. I’ve attended many meetings that discuss the problems we face with our young generation but little seems to be achieved to conquer this quest.

I see two wounds in need of healing for the abuser and the abused, who carry a boulder that it seems only a helping hand can remove from a spot they cannot reach themselves.


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