After all that, the sister doesn’t give evidance


After all that, the sister doesn't give evidance

So I got a call early this morning to be on a Radio Show commenting on a Muslim Woman’s decision not to give evidence. The research team said to me, “Don’t you think its a Cop Out?”

I made the following points:
If this lady didn’t wear a veil, would we continue to make this as big of an issue if she chose not to appear in court? There is no clear proof that the reason behind her now not giving evidence is due to her veil. I question whether she has made this choice for other reasons.

I’m often asked what do I think and what would I do, I respond by saying “Its not my place to judge”, I really believe the right people have to make the right choices, and that is the whole purpose of getting an education. It develops a level of competency for us to make JUST DECISIONS on cases that hold no value to our own attitudes and belief’s.

We have to take full responsibility in how we manage this discussion and be careful not to hold to account a particular group of people for how they are dressed because WE FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. Last time I checked, that was called racism, and if this was happening in the school playground, it wouldn’t be tolerated.

If it were the case, where the woman chose not to give evidence in court because she didn’t want to lift her veil, I have to question who are those around her that advice her in this manner???

And the Saga continues…Sigh


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