Was it because she was a BLACK Muslim?


Was it because she was a BLACK Muslim?

She was lying on her back in the middle of the pavement, dressed in her abayah and headscarf as usual, and all the Muslims walked past, observed her lying there, and then kept moving. Upset she screamed out, “if you aren’t going to help me then just keep on moving”! She happened to fall in front of a cashpoint, brothers with beards and thobes impatiently tried to find away to the cashpoint, some even considering to step over her!

This is what I learnt when I went to visit my dear sister yesterday, concerned that she had not been in touch with me. I was disgusted to learn sisters with niqaabs and many others continued to pass her and not tend to her.

The ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive, and in the end it wasn’t a MUSLIM that went to her rescue it was Black Non- Muslim. Other non-Muslims also aided her while she lay on the ground.

Very upset by this she relayed her story to me as I listened in disgust. “I don’t understand, I’m clearly dressed like a Muslim, so where were my brothers and sisters to help me when I lay there in the rain shivering in pain”. I really couldn’t say nothing as what seemed like a million thoughts raced through my head.

The sister observed that all of the Muslims that passed were Asian, and therefore she concluded that, “it must be because of my race, why else”?

I hope this blog reaches those that can remind our brothers in sisters in khutbahs and any other opportunity that Islam does not in any way so ever condone RACISM. Allah really knows best what happened!!

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”
Quraan 49:13


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  1. it may be a sad reality .. im sorry to her ,but it happens alot in our society,and it happened even with the Companions of Mohammad S.A.W. Saad R.A was one of them,he was dark,he was a freed slave of Mohammad S.A.W ,he wantd to merry some 1 but no 1 was ready for it cox of his skin.So he askd Prophet Mohammad S.A.W for a women to merry,and Mohammad S.A.W told him to visit Wahab (a newly revert) and his daugther was the most beautiful girl of that time.so when Saad R.A went to wahab he rejected it,then his daughter said to his father(wahab) that if we are rejecting the command of Mohammad S.A.W what kinda muslims we be.say him yes.So wahab said yes but askd too much Haq Mahar.And Saad R.A didnt have that much,so Omar R.A,and other Companions donatd to him money that he needed for the marriage.he was on his way to buy flowers for his to be beautiful wife and on his way he heard Prophet Mohammad S.A.W calling people for jihad,he went to a shop bought a sword and a horse from the money he was going to merry her.put a mask on his face so no 1 can recognize him and participated in the jihad. ANd got martyr and Prophet Mohammad S.A.W recognized him and He will have most beautiful Women in Janna.
    I really loved the verse you shared here. cox here its depicting our true Side.

    • Mashallah thanks for the reminder of this story. Another story that moved me was the following: “Abu Dharr, the leader of the tribe of Ghifar, and one who accepted Islam in its early days, narrates:

      Once I was conversing with Bilal. Our conversation gave way to a dispute. Angry with him, the following insult burst from my mouth: ‘You cannot comprehend this, O son of a black woman!’

      As Islam expressly forbade all kinds of racial, tribal and color discrimination, Bilal was both upset and greatly angered.

      Some time later, a man came and told me that the Messenger of God, upon him be peace and blessings, summoned me. I went to him immediately. He said to me:

      ‘I have been informed that you addressed Bilal as the son of a black woman.’

      I was deeply ashamed and could say nothing. God’s Messenger continued his reprimand: ‘This means you still retain the standards and judgements of the pre-Islamic days of ignorance. Islam has eradicated all those false standards or measures judging people by blood, fame, color or wealth. It has established that the best and most honorable of men is he who is the most pious and upright in conduct. Is it right to defame a believer just because he is black?’

      Abu Dharr felt profound remorse. He went straight to Bilal’s house and, putting his head on the threshold, said: ‘This head will not rise from here until the blessed feet of Bilal tread on the face of foolish, impolite Abu Dharr.’

      Bilal responded: ‘That face deserves to be kissed, not trodden upon,’ and forgave Abu Dharr.”​

      May Allah aid those from our Ummah that think they are greater than those whose skin is darker than theirs to embark upon the correct islamic understanding from Islam Ameen

      • JazakAllah sis,beautiful story really bring tears to eyes,What a great brother hood it was. I know Abu Dharr R.A, i guess he was the one who gave away his forests in exchange of a palm tree with a Hypocrate just cox Prophet of Allah’s made a annoucement who ever buys the palm tree from a jew he will be awarded a tree in jannah.
        Prophet Mohammad S.A.W not only said all men are equal but he him self made it a example.He had his best men there,but he chosed Bilal for the call of prayers and at the time of Conquest of Makkah there was Abu Bakr R.A Umar R.A and all great companions but Prophet Mohammad S.A.W chosed it to be Bilal R.A. Some narrations says the dark skin of Bilal will become noor in jannah and from his black skin the Virgins of Jannah will be given beauty.and at the time of Conquest of Makkah when Bilal R.A was giving azan,ABu Sufian who wasnt muslim at that time saw Bilal and said thanx God our ancestors are not alive any more to see that day,a Black man is standing on Kaba and calling for Prayers.
        btw heard this beautiful story of Bilal R.A and Abu Dahr R.A from u JazakAllah Khair

  2. Bismillah – Im sorry, How do we know this story is even true??????????? Muslims or any people trying to walk around or over her to get to the cash machine and or walking past ignoring her?

    Highly unlikely. where, which City, day, Country, when??? And Allaah says (the meaning of which is) and if a faasiq comes to you with a news, verify it first, lest you become regretful later, …

    While I can assume Jamshamila is a faasiq, neither can I assert she is a thiqha, (trust worthy narrator)

    • I’m sure if you read it again you’d learn that indeed this is from my own narration! Subhanallah sounds like you don’t want to accept the reality of what took place in Birmingham, Aston, Manor Road to be specific. Very disappointed at your comment

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